Military Divorces

Although there is no such thing as an "official" military divorce lawyer, it is true that military divorces present special problems that do not come up in civilian divorces. If you or your spouse is a military member, then you should consider working with a divorce lawyer who has experience in handling military divorces. If you choose a divorce lawyer with little or no military divorce experience, then you run the risk of signing a divorce agreement that may not the best for you or your children.

Attorney Stephen J. Kecskes, a former legal specialist with the U.S. Air Force, has provided family law services to military families in the Virginia Beach area since 1985. Contact my office today for a free initial consultation.

I can help you with a basic divorce or with a more complex divorce where issues like child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support and property division, including military retirement benefits, are at stake.

Potential Loss Of Federal Benefits During A Military Divorce

If you are divorcing a military member, there are several federal benefits that you may lose. It is critically important for you and your divorce lawyer to be aware of all of these benefits so that you can negotiate a financial settlement for you and your children that best protects your financial future. Some of the military benefits that the nonmilitary spouse may lose after divorcing a military member are:

  • Military child care
  • Health care benefits
  • The right to remain a resident in base housing

Did you know?
Military retirement benefits

As in a civilian divorce, a nonmilitary spouse may be awarded a share of the military member's retirement benefits under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA). Retirement benefits are considered to be marital property, which is why the nonmilitary spouse may be entitled to share them.

Get Legal Advice For Your Military Divorce From A Well-Informed Divorce Lawyer

Negotiating a divorce settlement when one or both spouses are military members can be more complex than negotiating a civilian divorce. Both you and your lawyer need to be well informed about all of the factors that must be considered in a military divorce. Without a legal advocate who knows how to negotiate a complete and reasonable military divorce settlement on your behalf, you could be in danger of suffering serious loss of financial assets that you and your children depend upon.

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