Child Custody & Visitation

Write down all the reasons you can think of that you should have physical custody of your child or children.

Write down all the reasons you can think of that your spouse should not have physical custody of your child or children.

Write down every skeleton in your closet, whether or not your spouse, or former boyfriend or girlfriend knows about it: arrests, financial difficulties, job trouble, extramarital affairs or anything else illegal or embarrassing.

Whenever the parents argue over who should have physical custody of the child or children, I ask my clients to answer the questions listed above. Only with complete and truthful information I as an attorney am able to estimate the likelihood that a judge will make a custody determination favorable to my client.

Child Relocation: Moving Out Of State

The issue of child relocation comes up frequently among divorced or separated parents, especially when one or both parents are military members. It is very important for all parents to understand the possible negative consequences of moving with your child without notifying the other parent.

  • If you move out of Virginia with your child without getting the written permission of the other parent, you run a serious risk of losing physical custody of your child.
  • All relocations must be in the best interests of the child.

The Law Office of Stephen J. Kecskes provides the necessary legal assistance to custodial parents who want to move with the child and to noncustodial parents who want to enforce their own rights.

Custody And Visitation For Unmarried Parents

Virginia's laws give rights and responsibilities to unmarried parents regarding child custody, parental visitation and child support.

If you're not involved in a divorce case, where child custody and visitation are at issue, all custody and visitation cases are initiated by filing a petition in the court services unit or the intake office of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court in the city where the child resides.

Neither parent will be awarded custody based solely on their gender. However, custody and visitation can be negotiated by the parties or determined by a judge.

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